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Heaviest Snowfall Ever Recorded in Moscow

Posted 562 days ago | 04.02.18

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Heaviest Snowfall Ever Recorded in Moscow

On Saturday more than half the average snowfall for the month of February was experienced in Moscow. This resulted in more than 2000 trees brought down, air travel seriously disrupted and exceeding the previous record which was set in 1957.

One person was killed and five others injured by a falling tree and collapsing power line. The snow is expected to continue until to Sunday but after that temperatures will drop severely.

Dozens of flights have been delayed at the Russian capital's airports.

Many people on social media seem happy to see a ‘real Russian winter’ again after the unseasonal thaws of previous years, and have been sharing snowscape pictures. 

Moscow is known as being one of the coldest major cities in the world, where to venture out without a hat, fur coat and boots would have ben seen as folly in the past. Rising world temperatures had seemingly changed things, but this weather is the coldest since records began.

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