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Women Asked to Change Normal Behaviour

Posted 257 days ago | 10.10.18

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Women Asked to Change Normal Behaviour

There have been 10 sex attacks on lone women in Cricklewood since February and police have urged women not to wear headphones or use mobile phones whilst walking alone in the area of in north-west London where the attacks have happened.

People are criticising this advice, asking whether this is a form of victim blaming or necessary advice in an imperfect world. 

Police revealed more details about the assaults on Tuesday, including the attacker’s behaviour. The man waits close to 

Willesden Green Tube station, approaches a lone woman, tries to chat to her, asks for a kiss or a hug and then sexually abuses her.

A man was arrested by the Metropolitan Police and later released pending investigation. But their safety advice to women has provoked a storm of criticism that women have had an unfair burden placed on them to change their normal day-to-day behaviour. 

Jessica Eaton, a  campaigner on behalf of the victims of sexual violence, called the advice "ridiculous" and “useless". She added:

"Headphones don't rape women, nor do skirts, or dark streets, or clubs, or alcohol, or parties, or sleepovers, or school uniforms.

Name the perpetrators. Name the problem. We can't help if we can't even name it.” 

She added there was a hypocrisy to the police's sexual assault message and that given out following other types of crime. The response to terrorist attacks on government, policy and public figures is the refusal to change their way of life because a safe society is what we seek. Somehow women have to change their behaviour to help the police. 

"When there is a terrorist attack, government, police and public figures say 'we will not change our way of life, we will not change our behaviours... we will

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