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Koreans Taken from Refrigerated Lorry

Posted 162 days ago | 07.11.18

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Koreans Taken from Refrigerated Lorry

Since negotations about Brexit have been taking place there has been much less publicity about illegal immigrants to the UK. But yesterday it was revealed that twenty-one people, including children as young as twelve years old, were  found inside a refrigerated lorry entering the UK.

The group who are  thought to be from Vietnam, were  hidden among a load of sparkling water, and were discovered at the port of Newhaven in Sussex last Thursday. Details of the Border Force operation have only been released, but a criminal investigation is under way.

A Romanian man has been charged with assisting unlawful entry into the UK. The vehicle was stopped and the people inside removed and the younger among them put into Social Service care. 

Vietnam is not traditionally one of those countries from which many people have.tried to migrate in recent years. This is a radical change from what has recently been people leaving African and Asian countries, and war-beleaguered Syria. 

Andrut Duma, 29, appeared before magistrates on Saturday accused of immigration offences and has been remanded in custody until a hearing at Lewes Crown Court on 26 November.

The eight adults, aged between 21 and 28, have been told they must report regularly to the Home Office while their cases are assessed.

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