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The US Mid-Terms

Posted 162 days ago | 07.11.18

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The US Mid-Terms

I cannot be the only person this side of the Atlantic who is relieved at the news from the US mid-term elections. Control of the House of Representatives, restoring some balance to what has seemed to many onlookers as a mad-house, must be a good thing, surely?

But the President doesn’t seem to see it that way. That really does seem to be flying in the face of the truth. In these elections many more women were elected, including the first Muslim woman, a Native American woman and many other women who seem to be part of the process of breaking the mould. It would look as though the last two years have finally caused women to come out and fight  what was becoming a ‘regime' and seemed to be threatening a great democracy.

Who can tell what were the factors that affected the electorate? The bombs sent to Democrats cannot have helped. The President’s attitude to the asylum-seekers walking from the south may also have been an important element. Maybe people could simply not stomach the way that children were snatched from their immigrant mothers sent to prison for daring to enter the country.

But it is a welcome change in focus.

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