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Google Tracking Systems

Posted 265 days ago | 28.11.18

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Google Tracking Systems

Seven consumer organisations have joined forces to file complaints with local data protection agencies. The complaints relate to Google’s tracking system which they claim breaks European protection laws by tracking the location of users. The complaints draw on research by one coalition member, which alleges people are forced to use the location system.

Google has said that tracking was turned off by default and could be paused at any time by users but the complaint alleges that Google does not give clear information about the implication of turning on tracking systems. It is not clear, they allege, what people are giving permission for.

The statement says that location data could give intrusive insight into lifestyle including: religious beliefs, political activity, health and sexual orientation.

 BEUC, an umbrella group that represents and lobbies for European consumer advocacy groups in Brussels, speaking for the consumer groups, said:"These unfair practices leave consumers in the dark about the use of their personal data”.

Google denies any illegal intentions and stresses that users are in control of whether their data is made available through tracking systems.

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