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Google+ to Close

Posted 253 days ago | 10.12.18

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Google+ to Close

In October Google decided to close Google+ to the public after finding data on 500,000 of its users had been exposed. Now it has found another bug that has affected more than 50 million users. As a result of this Google= has been closed down.

It admitted that, even in accounts set to private, the flaw allowed name, email address, occupation, and age to be exposed to third-party developers. 

The bug responsible, which was recently discovered was introduced to the network in November.

David Thacker, head of product management for G Suite, Google's range of apps offered to businesses commented: ”With the discovery of this new bug, we have decided to expedite the shutdown of all Google+ APIs. This will occur within the next 90 days.” He added: "In addition, we have also decided to accelerate the sun-setting of consumer Google+ from August 2019 to April 2019. While we recognise there are implications for developers, we want to ensure the protection of our users.”

This latest admission comes a day before Google's chief executive Sundar Pichai appears in Washington to face a Congressional committee.

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