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Meteor Showers Light up the Skies

Posted 249 days ago | 14.12.18

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Meteor Showers Light up the Skies

Each year the Earth passes through debris left behind by the rocky asteroid called 3200 Phaeton. From this comes a magical display in the night sky, called the Geminid Meteor Shower which sees to come from the constellation of Germini.

This year the shower will be at its peak on 13 or 14 December. For those in the UK the early hours of Friday will be the best time to see long glowing arcs of white, green, blue yellow and red. There will be as many as 120 shooting starts each hour over the two nights.

These are caused by the debris burning up in the Earth’s atmosphere. Particles can be as small as a grain of sand but are visible in the sky as tiny moving lights.

You can start looking for them any time after sunset, though the view will be better if seen in really dark skies, more likely to be available outside major towns. However, wherever you are, unless skies are cloudy, you will be able to see the meteors are they burn briefly.

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