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Too Many Degree Courses Not Value for Money

Posted 167 days ago | 08.01.19

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Too Many Degree Courses Not Value for Money

A report from the Onward report, produced by a centre right group, says that up to a quarter of those studying for degree courses in England will not be adequately equipped to earn enough to repay the cost of their loans.The group urges 

ministers to reduce places on those courses offering little financial return and increase courses available 

The report also suggests that tax-breaks should be offered to those who do repay loans.i

The government is carrying out a review of post-18 education and funding and though the  Onward report acknowledges that learning in its own right is something that should be encouraged,  says that students "are being sold a false promise”.

It suggests that too many are facing debts they will not be able to repay studying appropriate courses, while they could do better following technical and apprenticeship options.

The study says that in 2015-16, up to 25% of students would not be able to achieve earnings that would allow them to pay off their debts. Though the only way of measuring degree courses is not the salary that might result from the study they point out that students can be filled with false hopes of financial success which will not arise and that 20% of them would be no better off five years after graduating than if they had chosen to take a non-university route, such as an apprenticeship

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