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FGM Bill Blocked

Posted 193 days ago | 08.02.19

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FGM Bill Blocked

Once again, the MP who infuriated campaigners by objecting to a ban on upskirting has blocked another Private Member’s Bill. He has been highly criticised from both sides of the House.

It only takes one MP to shout ‘object’ to block  this bill, which had already gone through a first reading in Parliament and the House of Lords.  This law, designed to protect children from

female genital mutilation would have enabled the authorities to protect little girls by using interim care orders under the Children Act. 

Sr Christopher Chope claims that he blocked this bill to enable full discussion to happen before what he described as badly thought-out legislation. His Conservative colleague, Zac Goldsmith, said his actions were "appalling" and Lib Dem Tom Brake said the MP had "reached a new low”.

Mr Chope has a track record of objecting to Private Members’ Bills, arguing that he blocks them on a point of principle, because he does not agree with legislation being brought before Parliament on a Friday without enough time for a full debate.

Last year he sparked fury when he blocked another bill to make “upskirting" a criminal which finally became law last month, after the bill got government backing.

On Twitter his fellow Conservative Mr Goldsmith, who co-sponsored the bill, commented: ”please note that once again he did not object to those put forward by his friends”.

David Lammy, the Labour MP was among other who commented on Twitter. He said that Chope "embodies a brand of thoughtless, regressive conservatism which can ruin lives”. Anti-FGM campaigner Nimco Ali, who is a leading member of the Women’s Equality Party said she had: "nothing but disgust" for Mr Chope.

Home Secretary Sajid Javid said on Twitter he was "very disappointed" that the bill had been blocked adding:

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