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Sumatran Tiger Dies at Zoo

Posted 193 days ago | 08.02.19

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Sumatran Tiger Dies at Zoo

Male tiger Asim was brought to London Zoo from a safari park in Denmark ten  days ago in an attempts to find  "the perfect mate" for long-term resident Melati. In a fight that broke out when the two were introduced, Melati, the female endangered Sumatran tiger died.

It has been explained that though time was given to acclimatise the newcomer, tensions "quickly escalated" becoming "more aggressive" leading to Melati’s death. 

The zoo statement said Asim was immediately moved to a separate paddock when the violet occurred, but despite the best efforts of the vets, 10-year-old Melati died. They added: "Our focus right now is on caring for Asim, as we get through this difficult event.”

It had been hoped that the two tigers would be able to breed in the future.

The zoo's previous male, Jae Jae had fathered seven cubs previously with Melati, of which six remain alive.. It was moved to French zoo Le Parc des Félins, on 30 January.

The Sumatran tiger, which naturally lives in the forests and jungles of Sumatra, Indonesia, is now classified as critically endangered on the International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List of Threatened Animals.

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