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The Search for the Endurance Begins

Posted 155 days ago | 10.02.19

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The Search for the Endurance Begins

The team  of Antarctic scientists hoping to find the wreck of Shackleton’s lost ship, the Endurance, broke through thick pack ice on Sunday to reach the vessel's last known position in the Weddell Sea. They will be using robotic submersibles to traverse the ocean floor looking for the long-lost ship.

Shackleton and his crew were obliged to abandon Endurance in 1915 when it was crushed by sea ice and sank in 3,000m of water.

The story of their escape across the frozen ice that has resonated through the years, making the wooden polar yacht arguably the most sought-after of all undiscovered wrecks.

The team on SA Agulhas II, a South African icebreaker, will launch an underwater vehicle which will map the sea floor. It will run back and forth across the seabed, rather like a lawnmower, sending information back. Its first dive will last 45 hours.

If interesting targets are identified, a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) will descend to investigate them.

There will be no attempt to retrieve artefacts should the Endurance be found. The intention only is to make a 3D model of the wreck site and to take photographs.

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