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Humanist Marriages Work

Posted 77 days ago | 10.03.19

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Humanist Marriages Work

In 2017-18, the last year full figures are available, there were 5,702 humanist marriages in Scotland. Those couples who choose a humanist wedding are less likely to divorce than those who had other types of marriage ceremony.

In the statistics, obtained from the Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service (SCTS) about marriage, the BBC show the rise in popularity of Humanist weddings that have been legal in Scotland since 2005. They are now more popular than Church of Scotland and Roman Catholic weddings combined. And the figures show that Humanists  are three times less likely to divorce than Roman Catholics, and twice less likely than those married in the Church of Scotland. Humanist Marriages are almost four times more successful that civil marriages.

Marriage experts across the UK said divorce rates  generally were declining. They make it clear that many 

factors could determine whether couples stayed together, such as age, wealth and shared values.

It does seem though that in Scotland religious v non-religious differences can be seen to contribute to a clearly visible trend in marriage: that a marriage sanctioned by the church is not any kind of guarantee of its lasting.

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