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Posted 81 days ago | 04.04.19

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Over the past few years there has been a great deal of publicity about bees. Due to injudicious use of pesticides, and reduction in ‘weeds’ many have died. Fears have been raised about what the world will do without them. How will flowers be pollinated? Will fruit trees be unable to provide fruit without the bees?

Yesterday 20,000 bees were found in a house in Coventry. The owners found help from a Lichfield beekeeper, David Bird, from Delta Pest control. The colony was 1.2 cubic metres large and had thrived in a cavity during the mild winter.

He took them away, and after a period of observation, will re-home them in a  custom-made hive where they will no doubt continue to make honey and pollinate the world around them.

So ate least one bunch of sturdy bees have been saved to keep the natural world going!

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