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Comediam to Lead Ukraine

Posted 120 days ago | 22.04.19

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Comediam to Lead Ukraine

Volodymyr Zelensky has scored a landslide victory in Ukraine’s  presidential election. A newcomer to politics and a popular comedian, defeated Petro Poroshenko having taken more that 73% of the votes.

He told his celebrating supporters :”I will never let you down.”

Russia responded asking him to show sound judgement, honesty and pragmatism so that relations can improve between the two countries.. Russia backs separatists in eastern Ukraine.

Mr Poroshenko, the current president, admitted defeat after the first exit polls were published. He said he will not be leaving politics and claimed that Mr Zelensky was too inexperienced to stand up to Russia effectively.

Mr Zelensky is best known for starring in a satirical television series Servant of the People, in which his character accidentally becomes Ukrainian president.

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