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Petition Against Scrapping TV Licence

Posted 125 days ago | 13.06.19

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Petition Against Scrapping TV Licence

Age UK is promoting an online petition against the BBC’s decision to drop the free TV licence for the over 75s with the exception of those on income support. Since it was launched a day ago over 400,000 people have signed it.

Though it appears that the BBC is at fault, it is the current government of the UK that has caused this by throwing responsibility over to the BBC, who claim that free licences would take up one-third of their budget. This has been disputed.

People faced with the decision have said they will go to prison rather than pay this amount, which to those just above the level that they would receive income support, would be crippled by the cost. It would amount to around £2.50 weekly. For some this would be difficult to pay.

Means testing was never intended when this ‘benefit’ was started by a Labour Government. 

Age UK commented: “For over million of our oldest citizens the TV is their constant companioning now it’s under threat.”

It remains to be seen what may happen to these plans in the run up to 2020 when the BBC intends to implement them. Public feelings are running high.

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